Annual General Meeting




Notice of AGM



Form MGT 12 Polling paper 36th AGM
Notice of 36th Annual General Meeting
Route Map of 36th AGM
Form MGT 12 Polling paper 37th AGM
Notice of 37th AGM alongwith MAP
Form MGT 12 Polling paper 38th AGM
Notice of 38th AGM alongwith map
Notice of 39th AGM
Notice of 40th AGM
Notice of 41st AGM



Outcome of AGM



Outcome of 36th AGM
Outcome of 37th AGM
Outcome of 38th AGM
Outcome of 39th AGM
Outcome of 40th AGM



News Paper Publication



Newspaper Notice 36th AGM
Newspaper notice 37th AGM
Newspaper notice 38th AGM
Newspaper notice 39th AGM
Newspaper 40th AGM
Newspaper before 40th AGM



Voting Results of AGM



Voting Results 36th AGM
Voting Results 37th AGM
Voting Results 38th AGM
Voting Results 39th AGM
Voting Results and Scrutinizer Report 40th AGM